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      starch vermicelli production line

      Automatic  starch vermicelli production line(glass noodle)

       The automatic non-freezing starch vermicelli production line is latest explored environmental protection and energy saving equipments by SNT machinery which is realized the continuous industrial production from the raw material auto-supplying to final dried noodles with less manual operation, it has the characteristics of mature technology, small area and stable performance. In order to meet the international food hygiene guidelines,  all the materials contact with the food is adopt the stainless steel 304 or non-poisonous food grade materials.

      Compare with the traditional process, the main advantages as following:

      1.  It greatly shorten the processing procedure, low down the energy requirement and save production space which adopts the latest technique without freezing and loosing as the vermicelli wont be stick together after forming;

      2.  It greatly save the water consumption and solve water pollution as theres no need for building sewage system for loosing;

      3.  Low down the production cost for the packing and save labor resource as the vermicelli lay down neatly after forming and convey to the auto-packing system;

      4.  Its widely suitable for the bean starch, corn starch, pea starch, potato starch, sago starch, etc or compound raw materials for nutrition, texture or production cost;

      The vermicelli looks clear with good texture, tastes smooth and firm. 





      Compressed Air m3/min

      Water Consumption


      Water Consumption


      Electricity Power(Kw)


       For each shiift



      Processing procedure


      ① Blend into starch milk

      Quantitative raw material and water mixed together and blend into starch milk automatically according to different processing formular.


      ② Pre-heating

      In order to meet the following step for the production, mixed starch milk will be heated to the required temperature.


      ③ Cooking

      Starch milk heated to a certain temperature is initially cooked by a cooking device.


      ④ Extruding and forming

      The starch milk which is initially cooked was fully ripened by extruder, and then forming into the vermicelli, and the vermicelli of corresponding specifications were produced by extrusion die.

      ⑤ Glass noodle pre-drying

      Conveyor belt、blower、 and heating devices installed in the tunnel, a part of moisture can be evaporated by hot wind, make surface of glass noodle no sticky, easy to lift.

      ⑥ Glass noodle  auto-cutting & hanging system

      Glass noodle hang on the bar automatically and been cut down continuously according to the length of preset.

      cutting length is adjustable, stable operation of equipment, less cutting waste

      ⑦ Continuous  glass noodle drying and cooling tunnel

      the machine adopts tunnel dryer,according to the drying curve set in advance, can automatically adjust the drying temperature and the humidity

      after drying, transfer into cooling tunnel automatically cool to room temperature is suitable for packing

      the moisture of glass noodle after drying is more uniform, no cracks

      ⑧ Glass noodle cutting machine

      Glass noodle cut into fixed length according to the requirement, and cutting length can be stepless adjustment


      ⑨ Each part of whole production line realizes auto-flushing.
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